Scribblings of a Madman

This blog started out called Art in the Code. It was supposed to be about utilizing a Humanities approach to analyzing technology. I noticed that most technology blogs focused strictly on the objective nature of technology without ever considering how it affected the culture in which it will be introduced or the meaning it produced through our usage.

Yeah, that never happend.

The reason I wanted to take this approach was mainly due to my training in the Humanities, having earned an MA in English and Cultural Studies. I approached tech criticism from a different viewpoint than most STEM Lords.

However, I found I wanted to write more about Mental Health issues, especially how they are wholly neglected in this country. It’s horrible how mental health is treated in the USA. So I wanted to become an advocate.

I also got into political posts with the upcoming election. My focus is on Critical Thinking over political leanings. I don’t care if you’re a staunch Conservative or a far Left Socialist. I care that you get your information and opinions from legitimate sources rather than social media falsehoods.

Warning against Dihydrogen Monoxide

So I try to combat that. Combat the nonsense of lies on Social Media and try to have people think critically and intelligently about their information.

I also like comic books, video games, and movies. I love movies. Especially Film Noir and intelligent Science Fiction.

So I’ll be here writing about our culture, whether it’s about the latest Marvel superhero movie, or sexuality, or politics. I just like to analyze culture.

Thank you for taking a look and I hope that maybe I helped you learn something.

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I love hearing from people who stumble onto my little place on the internet.