Bernie Sanders Shouldn’t Run in 2020

Synopsis: Unpopular opinion, but Bernie soured himself for the majority of Dems in 2016, is hurting himself further this campaign, and should sit this one out. I have a bad feeling for him.

The State of the Union was yesterday. The Cheeto (I refuse to call him the President) stood for an hour bloviating about his racist monument, the wall, evil brown people raping and killing innocent white people, and how the Mueller investigation is nothing more than a political maneuver against him. Never mind all the indictments or evidence, everyone is just out to get the Orange Stain.

I have to admit, I didn’t watch the STOU. I watched the highlights on the news. That was almost too much for me. Whenever that buffoon talks, I avoid it. He gives me panic attacks. I did see all the wonderful memes and responses to it though, my favorite being Nancy Pelosi’s clap-back at the end.

Patton Oswald has the best response:

And while I didn’t watch the STOU in whole—reading responses to it from news sources and watching local news’ coverage of it (yes, I watch local news; laugh away)—I did watch the Democratic response to it. And Stacy Abrams ( did such an amazing job.

Essentially Abram’s response was in direct opposition to Trump’s STOU.

Trump spoke of fear and anger and division.

She spoke of an America most of us know. An America that has become harder and harder to succeed in. Where it’s become more of a struggle to pay the bills. Where healthcare costs have grown out of control, people having to choose between what medications to take because they cannot afford all of their prescriptions. Where being diagnosed with cancer is more than scary, the cost of treatment being extraordinary and something you can’t put off.

But she also spoke of her family and growing up. Of her family sharing one car and her mother driving home one night to find their father walking along the road without a coat. After picking him up, he told them all he gave his coat to a homeless man in town, knowing he’ll be there tomorrow and he needed it. Knowing that his family would come for him.

It was this kindness, she said, Americans needed to show each other. Kindness, compassion, and community. Abrams spoke of creating an America where we lift up the individual who is the weakest to become s stronger society. Where Americans are strong and not fearful.

You can view it in whole here. It’s only 11 minutes and everyone needs to see it:

WATCH: Stacey Abrams delivers Democratic response to Trump's State of the Union

I then learned that Bernie Sanders ( also gave a response to the STOU.

Umm, why Bernie? Stacy Abrams did such an excellent job without going negative, there was no need for you to respond as well.

Bernie’s response is essentially the same topics Abrams brought up: economic hardship and inequality, lack of healthcare, voter fraud. He then launched into the Mueller investigation and how Russian influence is ruining democracies across the world.

You can view it here. It’s 28 minutes:

Bernie Sanders' response to Trump's State of the Union address

Bernie man, I love you, I love your policies and I’m with you on everything. But image is everything in the 21st Century. The majority of Americans are exhausted with smash mouth politics—the accusations, the corruption, the constant lies, the outrage this administration create. Two years of the Trump administration has just pummeled the American people into holding their heads down and just waiting for 2020. I mean, look at Trump’s poll numbers: How Popular is Donald Trump.

So you came out, arms swinging in your response. Right away, in the first few seconds, you call Trump a liar. Of course Trump is a liar. Any intelligent person knows that by now. He lies about everything, even his bizarre orange glow.

Abrams’ response was uplifting. Yours, Bernie, was filled with numbers and examples of why the Trump administration needs to go. And again I’m with you. I agree with you.

But it’s not what America needs to hear right now.

I love you Bernie, but you should’ve just been quiet on this one. I’m not a Bernie loyalist, I believe you fractured the Democratic Party in 2016, adding to the many factors of Trump’s win. One, by calling yourself a Democratic Socialist. Now, I’m am an actual Socialist, so I have no issue with your political party. But America is still haunted by the specter of the Red Scare and still find Socialism and all it stands for to be unAmerican. You should’ve just been a Democrat.

Second were the Bernie or Bust supporters. And even more so, the Bernie Bros. They were toxic man. You should’ve seen some of the horrible stuff being hurled at Hillary Clinton from those who said they supported you. Yet you remained silent about it. You didn’t disown these people or say what they were doing was wrong. You ignored them. And America paid attention.

What’s even worse, when you didn’t get the Democratic nomination, the Bernie or Bust and Bernie Bros threw a temper tantrum and didn’t vote in protest. With a guy like Donald Trump running, how stupid do you have to be to not vote in protest because someone else (and gasp a woman) won the nomination? Well, we found out what happens when people throw tantrums on Election Day.

Hope you’re happy Bernie Bros!

In 2020, sadly, Bernie is going to have his loyalists, but he’s against heavy hitters like Elizabeth Sanders, plus 5 other women and more coming, and Joe Biden (all contenders listed here), he’s just going to pull away more votes.

Now bring on the hate…

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