I told myself I wouldn’t make my blog political, but what’s happening in the White House now is just completely insane. Especially the hypocrisy when it comes to Trump supporters and Republicans.

Remember this from just a few years ago? Michael Flynn at the RNC chanting lock her up, lock her up in regards to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Flynn is currently awaiting sentencing by the way, but I wonder if he’d have the same bravado and determination over Ivanka Trump using a personal email account to send hundreds of classified government emails.

Probably not. Because these guys in the current administration don’t care about the law. They think they’re above it. And Americans are just stunned, dumbfounded, by the constant barrage of outrageous actions by Trump and his administration.

Republicans sit silent while Trump just rips through the Constitution and creates outrage after outrage.

As the great Norman Goldman points out, Fake News is the soap opera and circus performance coming out of the White House. It is meant to distract and confuse. It is meant to deflect from the actual issues that are happening and directly effect our lives.

Norman Goldman (@normangoldman) provided a test. When you read about the soap opera coming from the White House ask yourself, “Does this directly effect me? Will it effect my life?” If it has no effect on your life, then it’s fake news and intended to distract.

If it does effect your life or the lives of others, then it’s Real News. Something important. Something that will effect you thus demanding some sort of action.

So, as to Ivanka’s emails, it’s hypocrisy at the extreme. It’s horrible and, yeah, it makes us angry. But nothing will be done about it.

Instead, focus on what effects your life. Things like health care and women’s rights and immigration policies are important. The rest is distraction.

The clown in the White House is there for distraction. To create outrage while those with power slowly strip away our rights. Ignore him.

We can make it through this. Breathe. And remember America can be better, we just need to stop being distracted.