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New Publications. I Wrote Stuff and it got Published!


Cover for Book Art of Self-Destruction Semiotic Bulimia Cover

Both my books have been updated and published on Amazon! If you haven’t bought them yet, I would greatly appreciate it if you’d at least consider purchasing a copy. If they’re too expensive, let me know and I’ll try to get you a free copy.

My Amazon Page‬

You can also get a paperback version of my essay. If $12.99 is too much, let me know and I can get you an author’s copy for $2.95.

 Books should be updating soon with my new publications. And your libraries will also be getting copies to be loaned out. Checkout Overdrive soon for my updated publications.

Of course, you’re free to purchase directly from my publisher as well:

I can issue coupons from my publisher for free versions if you can’t afford them and don’t have access to a library. Send me an email at doug@douglas-shoback and we’ll work something out.

I would love everyone’s input and opinion if you have time! So please leave a review wherever you get my books from. And you’re always free to contact me.

Thank you! ‪

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