Zathom story

New Writing Journal

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Writers can write stories, poetry, or nonfiction pieces but they all must be under 55 words. Then, after publishing a piece, a writer can choose to have continuations. A continuation is selecting a fathom that’s in a published piece and writing a new piece that fits within the same theme of the original writing.

Here is a piece of writing I published that I was paid for:

Zathom story

Superman in my Mind

I really like this new site. The creator is trying to make it a social experience by having other writers follow each other and write continuations off of other stories.

So far I’ve had five stories published in Zathom, paid for all of them. $10 a story, which isn’t bad for a 55 piece of microfiction.

I’m hoping to carry over my writing to this blog.

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Here’s a continuation: I Wish I Had More Pills

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